Strain Guide

Strain Guide

RELIEF (Red Maeng Da)

Our all-time best-seller. Known for substantial relaxation. Effective for the evening, yet neutral enough for daytime use. For those seeking a revitalizing reliever to take the load off after a long day, Red Maeng Da is for you.

BALANCE (Gold Maeng Da)

Our Gold house mix is a gift to those who’ve scoured the earth to find a brand that delivers a gold strain of premium quality. This is the umbrella strain that combines attributes of all other Maeng Da strains. Whether day or night, our Gold Maeng Da will set a new standard.

RELIEF (Red Bali)

Pain is temporary, Red Bali is forever. The only non-Maeng Da strain elite enough to earn a spot in our selective product line. This popular strain absolutely packs a punch and is best used in the evening.

FOCUS (White Maeng Da)

Our most potent strain and your go-to refresher; renowned for its kick-starting attributes. Can be used in place of coffee to make you the sharpest tool in the shed. White Maeng Da will propel you through the day.

ENERGY (Green Maeng Da)

If you’re seeking a middle ground between White and Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da is the best of both worlds. Known for restorative properties, and an effective day-to-day strain. This strain is especially recommended for first timers looking to discover what makes Green Leaf Kratom live up to the hype.