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Green Leaf Kratom

What makes Green Leaf Kratom shots superior? Available in Gold and Platinum strength, this uniquely flavored shot is guaranteed to eliminate that bitter kratom taste that you never got used to. Our premium lab-tested extracts are as clean and high-potency as they come, translating to sensational relief with NO nausea. Derived from only the finest quality Maeng Da kratom, we invite you to experience why Green Leaf Kratom shots are guaranteed to satisfy.
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Gold Series Shot– Extract Enthusiast (12ct)-105mg (Chocolate Mint)


Say goodbye to the hassle of measuring or mixing – just pop our Gold Series Liquid Kratom Extract top and brace yourself

Gold Series Shot– Extract Enthusiast (12ct)-105mg (Orange Cream)


Choose the Gold Series Kratom Liquid Extract and experience the transformative potential of plant-powered energy. Your journey to invigoration starts with a

Gold Series Shot–Chocolate Mint (105mg)


Introducing the Gold Series Shot in Chocolate Mint – a captivating fusion of exquisite flavor and enhanced botanical potency. Immerse yourself in

Gold Series Shot–Orange Cream (105mg)


Experience the pure delight of Kratom like never before with our Gold Series Kratom Extract Shot in the luscious Orange Cream flavor.

Platinum Series Shot– Extract Enthusiast (12ct)-155mg(Chocolate Mint)


Don’t compromise on plant-based energy. Opt for a Platinum Series Kratom Shot- Extract when your busy schedule demands a quick and effective

Platinum Series Shot– Extract Enthusiast (12ct)-155mg(Orange Cream)


Energizing & Powerful Blend Seize the day with the Platinum Series Kratom Shot – Extract which is infused with the luscious essence

Platinum Series Shot–Chocolate Mint (155mg)


Experience the fusion of premium Kratom extract and delightful chocolate mint flavor with our Platinum Series Kratom Extract Shot. This exceptional botanical

Platinum Series Shot–Orange Cream (155mg)


Discover the ultimate in convenience and potency with our Platinum Series Kratom Shot, a premium herbal supplement crafted for enthusiasts seeking an

Gold Maeng Da (BALANCE) Powder-100gm


Experience the extraordinary with our Gold Maeng Da Kratom (BALANCE) Powder, a premium botanical product designed to elevate your well-being. Sourced from

Gold Maeng Da (BALANCE) Powder-200gm


Our Gold Maeng Da Kratom (BALANCE) Powder is a special fusion of Maeng Da Kratom strains, known for their exceptional quality and



In a world seeking equilibrium, this Gold Maeng da Kratom (Balance) Powder stands as your companion on the journey towards stability, allowing

Green Maeng Da (ENERGY) Powder-100gm


Introducing our Green Maeng Da Kratom Energy Powder, the secret elixir for those who refuse to be mere spectators in life’s grand

Green Maeng Da (ENERGY) Powder-200gm


Introducing Green Maeng Da Kratom (ENERGY) Powder, the ultimate fuel for your energetic pursuits. Bursting with vitality and naturally sourced from the

Green Maeng Da (ENERGY) Powder-500gm


Do you ever find yourself in need of a natural boost to conquer your day? Look no further than Green Maeng Da

Powder kilos


Powder kilos


Embark on a transformative journey toward well-being with our Powder Kilos. These generous quantities of premium Kratom powder offer you an opportunity

Red Bali (RELIEF) Powder-100gm


In a world that never seems to slow down, finding your personal sanctuary of relief and relaxation is a treasure beyond measure.

Capsule Kilos


Capsule Kilos


Unlock a world of wellness with our Kratom Capsule Kilos. This bountiful offering is your passport to the numerous benefits of Kratom



Discover the perfect balance between convenience and quality with our Gold Maeng Da Capsules. Crafted to cater to your active lifestyle, our

Convenience Pack Gold Premium (BOOST) Capsules-15Ct


In the whirlwind of modern life, finding the perfect balance can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve crafted a premium solution, Gold



Not having the energy to conquer the world? Here is the perfect solution! Our Green Maeng da Kratom Energy Capsules are known

Convenience Pack Red Bali (RELIEF) Capsules-15ct


Rediscover tranquility and relief with our Red Bali Relief Capsules, thoughtfully formulated to provide you with a soothing and comforting experience in

Convenience Pack Red Maeng Da (Relief) Capsules -15CT


Embrace a world of comfort that fits in the palm of your hand with our convenience pack of Red Maeng Da Kratom

Convenience Pack White Maeng Da (Focus) Capsules-15Ct


Experience the vitality of White Maeng Da and the convenience of precisely dosed capsules, all packed into a pocket-sized companion that’s ready

Gold Maeng Da (BALANCE) Capsules -75Ct


Discover harmony and well-being with our Gold Maeng Da Kratom Balance Capsules, thoughtfully crafted to promote a sense of equilibrium and vitality.

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